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The mega-drama “SAMBHAVAMI YUGE YUGE …” is an attempt to provide masses a feel of what our past holds in the form of popular wisdom and common man’s philosophy in our epics. Lord Krishna epitomises ‘humanism in totality’, and stands out as ‘Poorna Purusha’ which is the need of the hour. In terms of democratic philosophy it could also mean public discretion and siding with the weak in fight for justice and peace to ensure righteousness and truth.

The Mandal (Vijayadurga Saunskrutik Mandal) had an opportunity to organise a series of shows of the acclaimed mega-drama JANATA RAJA based on the life of Raja Shivaji, the Maratha warrior (conceived and produced by Babasaheb Purandare), for the audience in Goa, in December,2002. It was felt by some members of the Mandal that a similar production on the life and message of Lord Krishna should appeal the public at large.


This form of mega-drama is much more than a mere drama that is performed on the normal stage. The major challenge was to make this representation of Krishna a combination of different perceptions and images carried by different sections. Generally Krishna is known to people as a diplomat and super strategist in Mahabharata, a philosopher par excellence as in Bhagavad Gita and an incarnation as depicted in Bhagavata. This mega-drama had to display all these facets. In addition to reading the epic and the treatise, I tried to read prominent creative works and some analytical works in Marathi on the life and message of Lord Krishna. I also looked at some poetic works on the theme. The idea was to present this mega-drama as a continuation of earlier efforts to present Lord Krishna before mass audiences in Marathi.


The unique feature of the drama is not just one. In the first place this is a record making project in the history of Marathi theatre in terms of budget, physical dimensions of the stage setting as well as number of participants. Another important feature is that the whole exercise is of Goans, by Goans and is being premiered in Goa before it goes before national audience and beyond. The use of live animals, vehicles such as carts and chariot as a part of presentation also make it unique.

The total number of characters in the play exceeds 370. Artists are expected to enact multiple roles and the number of artists is around 225. Of these around 80 are dancers. Nearly 65 gents, 50 ladies and 30 children are presently active on the sets. These figures can change depending on the situations, but changes will always be on higher side

The total area marked for the event is 17000 sq. m. The stage platform admeasuring 24 m x 16m will have the apex point at nearly twenty metres from the ground level. The stage will have five different levels starting from the ground, and drama will unfold on all these levels. The distance between the stage and the audience is around 5 mts. and the seating area will accommodate 6500 people. There will be space for smooth movement of people inside the stands and for parking of vehicles including buses, cars and two-wheelers.


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